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What a long strange trip its been...
And finally am here, en-route to discovering more music am sure.

Hello music lovers, I am Srikkanth, an advertising professional, born in India and currently residing in Bahrain.

Took to music seriously in the mid 80's (yeah i am 34, guess i have been around long enough to say back in the 80'sSmile... pop was in and i was groovin to A-Ha and Climie Fischer and Mr.Mister, Madonna, Phil Collins Kylie Minogue in her first round and i thought i had heard all that was cool.

Few years later, pop was passe and i had moved onto heavy metal. I swore by Judas Priest, hunted down their albums, listened to Black sabbath and Iron Maiden, Helloween and thought music was metal, once even scoffing at a friend for suggesting jazz and blues. He laughed.

I realised a few years later why. I discovered classic rock and with it came along the blues, and studious jazz. After that i got hooked onto the net and mp3 was a good thing, napster became a bad word, information was zipping past, and bytes jus kept coming in... todays its all torrential downpours. I kept discovering the classics everyday along with new stuff.

I have whizzed past timelines, going back and forth discovering music, artists, rediscovering artists once whom i had dismissed. Now i am equally comfortable with Alternative Rock as i am with lounge, grunge, electronica, metal... hey even Rap.

But my idol musically is, was and always will be Frank Zappa. I think listening to his music really helped appreciating everything in a way.

And now, since i am away from home, am falling in love with Indian Classical Music all over again.... hows that for a strange

Hope to interact with you all frequently. Thank You
Hi Srikkanth,

that's an excellent introduction, feel like I know you already !!

Discovering music is an interesting journey isn't it. My journey is still ongoing apace, and the net has made it much easier to discover new stuff. When I joined the original MD a few years ago it opened up a whole new avenue, and my music collection is much healthier following some excellent recommendations from members.

Hope you enjoy it here :coffee:.
Srikkanth, What an excellent introduction. MD has a wonderful varied base of members each with different musical tastes. As Tiggi said, discussing your passion will open new doors and new musical experiences.

I hope to see you more often.
With Regards...

Anthony :coffee:
Gidday Srikkanth!
Nice to meet you mate. While I don't spend a great deal of time online anymore and probably far less than that here at MD, I do visit occasionally as it was Anthony and myself that started the 'original' version some five years ago and there are still a number of folk around here that I remember and call friend.
As both the boys have said mate, great introduction and I hope you have many great discussions as time wears on. :Wink:

Enjoy the fruits of life, for the fruits of death are few. (©Rod Jeffery 1990)

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