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hello , (long intro dont open if you dont like to read)
Hello everyone on this forum. Just introducing myself. I joined this forum because I am a musician , I have the greatest passion for music and there is nothing like discussing/arguing with people that have the same love for the art(which is not common where I'm from). I truly believe my perspective on music is immensely unique from others(like everyone else's)I think this is a great place to share those perspectives.Confusedmile:

As a musician I believe that since all genres of music are still in theory just music that it'd be against the statement "I love music" to say you don't like a type of music (even country lol). Now, I am not saying I love or listen to country(eg.) simply because i don't. However, it does not mean its not music, that its not art. Country like Pop, has great composition and arrangement, what I find unpleasent to listen to is the vocal acrobatics that allow people to recognize and distinguish country.​This all goes back to my taste in music. I love all kinds of music , I can sincerely say I appreciate and like all the genres. However that does not nessisarlay mean I listen to all genres , one only has so much time to listen to so little. With that being said the genres I am generally listening to now a days are rock, hiphop, pop, and electronic. I dont really have favorite for reasons that could take another 8 paragraphs , but anyways from each of those genres I "like" Billy talent, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Skrillex.

Anyways , thats was my intro and ill see everyone around !

that's not a long intro

this is a long intro!


Welcome aboard MD, Tilly! Like you I like music period...I guess I like sounds!
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!

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