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Elvis Costello OBE
he may not sell many records
nor is he a household name
and most people would be hard-pressed to remember anything by him other than Oliver's Army
but Declan McManus is highly respected amongst his peers.
he has played for Royalty, Prime Ministers and Presidents.
he has been inducted previously into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
and has several Grammy's under his belt including one gong won just this last week for his latest album Look Now.

he has been offered OBE's previously by the British Establishment on several occasions for his "services to music" and each time he has refused purely due to the whole Class system BS (being proud Working Class), like David Bowie and Paul Weller, but unlike those two
he has finally relented and graciously accepted his OBE from Prince Charles overnight.

the Wiki on what an OBE is:

and the article on his receiving the award:

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