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Learning about music mixing
Just ran across a new piece on mixing, written by Jim Emerson over at Reasonzone Audio. Apparently it is the first in a three post series on mixing and mastering, and I am already on the edge of my seat waiting for the installment on mastering!
The Mixing with Professionals guide breaks mixing down into 5 main chapters,

Chapter 1: Organization of a mix session
Chapter 2: Solo processing of individual channels in your mix
Chapter 3: Creative processing of your mix elements
Chapter 4: Group processing of similar aspects of your mixdown
Chapter 5: Automation of mix elements

and then breaks each chapter down into bite-sized chunks. It also contains a lot of bonus tips and tricks (a couple of which were even new to me). As someone who has been mixing for a while, most of this was not new to me, but it was very well explained, and I think it would be perfect for anyone just starting out.
This guy (who was my teacher when I studied music production) has all kinds of interesting tips here:

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