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It Might Get Loud - Rock Music Doc
I hope it's OK to post my info here in your forums. I don't want to seem like I'm spamming. That's absolutely not my objective; I'm just hoping a few fans will like to see my recent interview with Jimmy Page and Jack White.

I'm lucky enough to have had my professional life and personal loves converge when, as a big fan of both Jimmy Page and Jack White, I got to cover the movie as a reporter last Friday at the press day and premiere.

I did a blog about meeting Jimmy and Jack with a bunch of pictures

direct link to that blog is:

Pretty soon my 1:1 interviews with them, plus more interviews from the red carpet, will be on's YouTube Channel. Also: sometime tomorrow Buzzine magazine online will be featuring my written report on interviewing Jimmy, Jack, and Davis Guggenheim as well as exclusive pictures from the red carpet.

Since the forums seem to be updated a lot, I was wondering if the community might consider it "newsworthy" enough to allow me to post links to my interviews or/and blog when they're updated?

Also, can you guys suggest any other outlets of interest? This is really a rare thing to see, and as the date of release for the movie approaches, I'll keep updating and giving out more details. I will probably review the movie as well, which I saw (and liked).

Thank you very much.

Staci Layne Wilson
The video interviews are over at YouTube. It's the tvwiretv channel.

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