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Hello, Just a Music Nerd Here!
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the board and I gotta say, I'm so happy to see an active forum discussing music...I feel like there aren't too many now...where there is actual discussion and sharing.

A lil about me: I'm a freelance illustrator and lover of all art forms. I enjoy all kinds of music and play violin (not as much as I should  Wink ). I work alongside of my partner, who's the REAL artist. He's got an extensive repertoire and really went out there and chased the American Dream for years, building his own fanbase. I've accompanied him in recent years, creating a few albums together and it's been an amazing experience to see what goes into making a record. Musicians these days...I mean...They don't get it nor do they get the love a lot of them deserve.
He got to a label in LA right as they were practically tearing down Capitol Records years ago. It all dissolved.
I came here because I wanted to find people stoked about talking about music...It wasn't super long ago that that was something people did on a regular basis (I'm a 90s gal)... But I digress!

I'm happy to be here and meet all of you and hear some of your musical suggestions and insight!!

welcome Minna

what are your music passions/dislikes??
(14-10-2019, 21:16)CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: welcome Minna

what are your music passions/dislikes??

Oh my....Where to begin!

-Original real, original songwriting and not using the same chord progression you hear in practically every commercial now.
-Odd time signatures you don't realize you're tapping your foot too because it's disguised as a rock-pop song.
-The Doors, CCR, and the usual..I do love a lot of classic rock. (I'm from Long Island originally...but they are obsessed with Journey and now I almost can't deal; great band though)...also on the Long Island/New York note, Billy Joel. Not sick of him yet. But my partner is also a piano-rock musician, so I guess I wouldn't be sick of it yet, haha!
-Piano, piano, piano. I think it's my favorite.
-Weirdy a sucker for a good musical. More so the classics like "The Sound of Music"...They lost me at "Rent" for some reason.

On THAT NOTE (god I love that pun!)-
-Newer musicals (starting from "Rent" and onward)...I dunno, the style and quality...not jiving
-Almost anything that's mainstream now...and not for that reason, it's just that bad. Boring as hell
-People in bands who aren't really in it for the music (too cool for school type)
-Seeing instruments thrown in the trash (I've seen pianos out in the road beyond repair and I cried)
-As mentioned, the same chord progression you hear in every commercial and most mainstream songs.

There is little I dislike aside from that; I am just open to hearing all kinds of music.
How about you?
Welcome to the site. You can get a lot out of this site. All depends what you put into it. Participation brings it's own rewards.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
like J-Man'll get out what you put in...

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