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Help to identify mystery recording
I wonder if anyone here can help before I pull out every last strand of my hair in frustration!

Back around 1980 to 1982 I was very involved with hospital radio and various other radio projects. I was also good friends with a guy who owned a local record store and he regularly used to come up with new releases and sometimes even imports that I could play on my show, often before they had much airplay anywhere else.

I recall that he sold me a vinyl 45 that was similar to those at the time produced by Starsound - I.E 'Stars on 45' - and, as I recall, the record in question consisted of short extracts of either soul or supremes songs strung together one after another (not Stars on Stevie). I have long since lost the record and it only remains possible for me to 'replay' the recording in my head - as you do!

I realise that there are original supremes medleys, one of which I have actually heard, but unfortunately it doesn't sound the same as the recording I am searching for. I cannot find a sample of the soul revue by Starsound available for download on the web, so I have no idea whether it may be my mystery vinyl. Obviously I could buy the 45 from somewhere like GEMM, but don't want to waste money if it turns out not to be the correct recording.

The thing is, I'm not actually sure that this mystery recording was by Starsound at all, because, to the best of my memory, the recording started straight into the first song extract and not with the usual Starsound 'introduction'.

Can anyone suggest where I can look to find a listing of every single released in 1980, (more likely 1981) and 1982. Or, whether there is a site that lists all medleys created and released on vinyl 45 during these years. Or, better still, can anyone come up with any suggestions as to who this record may have been by and, more importantly, a title.

Sad, I know, but I had quite a few other similar records back in those earlier years, such as the original 12" Bits and Pieces. Also, a classical music stars on 45 type mix, and another clasical music stars on 45 type mix that was purposly all played out of key and tempo (which sounded pretty dreadful I have to admit) and even though I don't wish to re-acquire these titles again, I can't find any listing of them on the web, except for the Bits and Pieces 12". So, maybe my mystery record does exist and it's just that it's not listed on the web.

Anyway, hope someone here can help in any way at all.
I have no clue which record you're talking about but you might find indication for your album here.

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