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The sweet spot
I am sure many of you on this forum know what the sweet spot is. For those that don't, it is the point where you are placed in exactly the right position between two speakers i.e. you are at one point of an equilateral triangle so that you get the full stereo experience and correct balance between the two channels. Recently I noticed that my house cat was always lying in the same position on the carpet in my home studio. I have 2 speakers on the floor (for listening to music in the background while I am working) and two nearfield monitors at ear level for working/mixing. This just happened to be the sweet spot for those 2 speakers on the floor. So I decided to move the speakers to a different location in the room. The damn cat moved with them and again found the sweet spot. Moved them again and the moggy moved accordingly. Cats are creatures of habit and judging by the look on it's face it's not too amused at this disruption to the routine. You learn something every day.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
...and cats are very smart creatures also!

i guess the cat learnt something today..."youre an annoying git"...LMAO, just wait till she/he takes a swipe at you when she's under the chair as you walk past it someday!, could be tomorrow or next week or in six months, but it will remember what you did to annoy it!
Great story J ! Animals are wonderful !...except when I pick up the guitar the dog takes off! He's trying to tell me something ...YOU SUCK MASTER !
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
That's funny Jerome.

SteveO my dog is terrified of the guitar too.
"I said, I found the secret to life, I found the secret to life
I'm okay when everything is not okay, is not okay"

~Tori Amos, Upside Down
Do humans 'like' disruption? I mean, let's say I found my sweet spot (cosy couch, comfy armchair), and I get this fanatical dude changing it's position continually to get my reaction. You think I'd take it with elegant complacency? After two or three shifts, I'd probably scratch your face big time.
Now how did I know you were going to say that........................
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
You kindly referring to me?
Yes indeed.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Offended? Ok, I apologize...
Cogito, ergo sum...

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