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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: backtosleep.jpg]

JAN GARRETT "don't go back to sleep, cd,  1992

from the box given to me last year.
from Colorado.
debut album.
easy listening, slight soprano vocal at times.
I could be mistaken but a lot of the lyrics sound Christian based??
either way. a pleasant album, nothing to love but more importantly, nothing to dislike.

[Image: 220px-Very_Best_of_Bee_Gees_Album_Cover.jpg]

BEE GEES  "the very best of"  cd,  1990

from the box etc...
twenty track compilation of their 60s-70s hits.
this set really doesn't fill the barrel halfway IMO.
should have been a double disk but that's okay
album still shows how classy these guys have been for their entire career.
not a dud track on here.
picking a favourite to post leaves nineteen others that also deserved it!

original video:

I’m guessing this would be classified as soft rock, so here it is.
I’d forgotten all about this number until a friend who was at the concert posted me the link. This man, whom I always thought looked more than a bit oddly pixie-ish has still after all these years got the voice. The look on his face when he realises his audience hasn’t forgotten a note is priceless.
Here’s one I can’t place in either jazz or blues so here will do. Sadly the backing vocalists and the string section appear to be performing in different keys at times.
Lisa as usual is note perfect.
The Human Race Really is Insane.
[Image: 220px-Harry_Chapin_-_Greatest_Stories_Live.jpg]

HARRY CHAPIN "greatest stories live" cd, 1975

good, solid live set from one of the greatest storytellers in popular music.
nothing wrong with this one at all

[Image: 220px-Thanks_for_the_Memory-_the_Great_A...book_4.jpg]

ROD STEWART  "thanks for the memory: The Great American Songbook IV" cd, 2005

fourth in a series of five albums
six featured artists on here.
its getting a bit overkill now, three albums would have been enough but when they keep on
selling in the millions giving you gold and platinum sales you aint going to change the formula
of success are you?!
three or four im not keen on here, the rest are still okay
I LIKE THIS ALBUM (just passes)

I don't have a standout track from this album but hey Elton and Rod together has to be the one!

(20-02-2020, 05:03)CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: I don't have a standout track from this album but hey Elton and Rod together has to be the one!
The thought of Elton an Rod ’together’ would probably blow Rod’s mind !
The Human Race Really is Insane.
Way back when hippies ruled either the drugs were better or the lack of too easy digital manipulation somehow forced music to be more ‘real’.
This brings back memories of being driven in a very sexy Mustang from San Francisco to Mexico by a very sexy Canadian gent with a big red beard.
(I’ve got a real thing for big red beards)
The Human Race Really is Insane.
big ZZ Top fan obviously?
(21-02-2020, 06:57)CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: ^^
big ZZ Top fan obviously?
They are rather cute even if their beards are grey but I’ve never had an urge to convert straight males. I prefer enthusiastic participation, not someone thinking of you as third best option and only when they're desperate.
Always like their live act which I’ve seen twice, once at a zoo in Toledo ( if my stoned memory is working) and in a park in Austin Texas.
Both times off my face on substances I'm now too old to consume.
The Human Race Really is Insane.
[Image: 220px-Higher_Ground.png]

BARBRA STREISAND  "higher ground" cd, 1997

Barbie's twenty-seventh studio set
another from the box of goodies I received last year.
only thing I own but I really should own more.
gorgeous vocals as usual.
a duet with Celine.
some covers a few originals.
nothing bad on here.
sold around five million copies worldwide.

always loved I Believe so here it is


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