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have you heard of this?
So my friend just took me to a 'rapcore' show the other night and it was freaking amazing. I have never heard anything like this, and i hope it becomes more popular and on the radio soon because lets face it, the radio is getting pretty lame and everyone sounds the same...i searched all over the internet for this video, it is exactly what i am talking about : ..critical bill are BOMB, that is true music.
Is your question whether we have heard of Critical Bill or Rapcore?

I've never heard of Critical Bill, but, judging from what I've heard now, I don't think they're "BOMB". They're pretty average.
My favourite Rapcore band is Puya. <- There are some full-length songs available on the right.

You may want to check out Rage Against the Machine or Hed PE (aka "Hed Planet Earth" or "(hed) p.e.") as well.
gtfo man. srsly.
cant u be nice for once never heard of critical bill and my favorite rapcore band is fort minor if their rapcore
underclass hero Wrote:cant u be nice for once

Are you talking to me? I said "gtfo man. srsly" to the poster whos post is deleted because he spammed everywhere. So: chillax, dude.

And no, Fort Minor is by no means a rapcore band.
Fort Minor is a side project of one of the members of Linkin Park. Linkin Park is "rapcore", "rap-metal" or "nü-metal". Whatever you want to call it. But Fort Minor is not rapcore. And its not a band. It's one guy with various collaborators.

Anyways, rapcore is more a rock thing than a rap thing. It's rock bands incorporating some elements of hip-hop into their sound. Not the other way around.

Also, this thread looks like it was started by a spammer seeing as how it was his first post, he posted a link, and he has never posted again.

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