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Quotes Used
To make the site more interesting and a little different from the norm, the placement of quotes were used around the site. Some by famous people and some not.

Some of the quotes used are weak, and can easily be improved. But good research is something I am not brilliant at. Please use this thread to help improve the site by giving any quotes that you can think of, ideally by famous people.
Actually I think there is nothing wrong with the quotes you used.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think the Robbie Williams quote for the rock forum does it any justice. Not because I hate the guy, which I don't, just think he is an arrogant prat thats all. Yet I am sure that a famous rock master can sum it up better.

BTW. I thought Robbie Williams was gay anyway? :coffee:
Mike Does it Best:attention:

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