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Rugby anyone ?
^Thanks CH - agree Jerome - Siya for president - definitely!!

Dancing in the streets over here – just about. Amazing atmosphere – or ‘gees’, as we call it – fantastic, woohoo!!  So stoked and sooo proud of our Bokkies (and coach of course) - brilliantly done, they showed up today, big time - they were consistent in their game plan all along which really paid off, and they REALLY wanted this – so did we all! They were as blown away by all the support they’ve had from South Africans as we were by them today. Such a morale booster for our poor beleaguered country and unifying – just what we needed. Thank you, thank you! 

There might be a few squeaky livers tomorrow – not least those of the squad. What do you do when you win the Web Ellis Cup? You fill it to the brim with booze and quaff the lot! Hope they have a great party – well deserved.  

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Thx CH. Feel sorry for England. Second time they have lost out to SA in a RWC final. Some interesting stats. To date, SA have never conceded a try in a RWC final. In this particular tournament they won 69 out of 70 of their lineouts. That's huge! And as I said before no team has ever lost a game in the tournament and come back to win it. And to think 18 months ago they were ranked seventh in the world. An amazing comeback. Must admit I would have liked to see them run the ball more but in a World Cup you have to play to your strengths and stick to the game plan otherwise you risk throwing it all away. And their defence was superb. England had one spell where they played 26 phases but still could not break them down. An almighty effort by the Boks to hold them back. It's all about discipline. The most important ingredient in any team in any sport.
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