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The Best Part
This is my first real song...
Let me know what you think, especially if you don't like it. Smile Thanks

The Best Part

Verse 1
Got my first set of wheels on a Tuesday night
we knew it meant we’d have the time of our lives.
I turned the key & put the gas to the floor,
got the feeling of freedom we’d been waiting for
We peeled out and set off to God knows where,
singing out loud in the summer air.

outside the city limits flying down a country road,
ended up in some town we didn’t know.
Not a clue where we were going, could have gone a,nywhere
‘cause half the fun is getting there.

It took some time to get where we are.
Sometimes I can’t believe we made it this far.
and looking back now, it’s easy to see
that here isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
But so what? The best part of the memories we share
is that half the fun... was gettin' there

Verse 2
We heard our favorite band was playing three states away,
so we loaded up the car on a Saturday.
We stocked up on red bull and potato chips,
and enough CDs for an seven hour trip.
Six teenagers in a five seat car
Head banging and singing like we were rock stars.

We got lost three times and took six potty breaks,
Enjoyed the ride and showed up four hours late,
Yeah, we missed the show but we didn’t care,
‘cause half the fun is getting there.


Well I guess we all got where we wanted to be
My only hope is that you’re all as happy as me.
Now we’re drifting apart, and I think you’d agree,
We have to live our own lives, and start our own families.
But some day in the future when I have my own kids,
They’ll be sick of hearing stories of the things I did
with you-ou-ou


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