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Your opinion: does music need words?
You're quite right, but not wholly right. Music with lyrics is one of the greatest means of communication. And many have used it to express their political ideas and making an incredible difference in the consciences of people who were unaware of the issue. Adriano Celentano in Itlay used the music means to influence a whole referendum on Nuclear Energy, without the music being fantastic. And it worked, by god. The outcome of the polls proved it.
If the song-writers are talented enough at what they do, they will be able to strike the balance between words and music. Of course. if one of the two matixes, whether music or words, is ugly, the thing just doesn't work. But music can stand fully on it's own, no doubt in my mind. Being a classical, I've seen that over and over again. Music speaks to our emotions, our subconscience, our soul. If it's beautiful and well constructed, it even makes us nobler beings (proved by scientific research). But I appreciated your well-worded response.
Ella Wrote:There are a lot of phrases saying that music is something like talk soul-to-soul... And the question is what role play lyrics in song... What is the most important: music or words?

this entire notion got turned upside to me the first time I heard a band that truly used vocals as an instrument, focusing only on flow and emotion and delivery and sound with no regard for content. at first I was like 'what the hell is this song about' and then I was like 'holy shit this is amazing'

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