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Apart From Music What Other Interests /Hobbies/ Things Do We All Do ?
James Otto Sweet Heart Wrote:I love watching my favorite TV shows on DVD.

God bless you always!!!


P.S. I wish that Step By Step and the rest of Perfect Strangers would become available.
Me too Holly Confusedmile:

I recorded all of Mama's Family, AITF, and now am working on The MTM Show. I love Lou :wink:
I spend most of my time when not listening to music with the wife. We enjoy bicycling, camping, day trips, hiking on occasion and things like that. We enjoy travelling but only take long trips once every one to two years. We don't like going back to places we've already been but that's not an issue because we haven't been to a lot of places. We enjoy taking cruises because it's kind of a Witman's sampler of an area. We also like to take day trips and weekend trips with our dogs. The trips will often include wine tasting or something like that. Our favorite day trips are going to the Monterey area, San Francisco of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

My wife used to run an art glass center and we used to teach art glass on the weekends, but that closed a little over a year ago so we've got more free time than we used to.

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