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Apart From Music What Other Interests /Hobbies/ Things Do We All Do ?
In 400+ posts I have gained a good insight into most regulars musical tastes , their musical dislikes and so on but I just wondered ................what other sides do we have ? What do we do in our daily lives , what other hobbies etc make us the people we are...................Where have we lived ? What experiences have we had ?..................:happy:Cool
Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

It's a mixed up sensation this being alive
Oh! it wears a man down into the ground
It's the strangest elation
I can't describe it
Oh it leaves a man weary
It makes a man frown.
.............................Chris Simpson ( "Mixed Up Sensations" 1975 Martin's Cafe )
I like reading, running, watching highly avant-garde films, experimenting with digital electronic music software and bullying ignorant people.

And I like drinking. And trashy low-budget exploitation movies too.
I read, cycle (although all too infrequently at the mo), game a bit, and have a passion for Formula 1 racing (despite it being a bit crap this season).

In the past I played Squash to a reasonable level - as did Mrs Tiggi, that's how we met - dabbled in Bonsai cultivation before realising I'm not of an adequately nurturing persuasion, and dabbled in amateur astronomy.

Music has been the sole constant...
I build models from time to time. Currently subscribing to part build of HMS Victory:
I knit. Besides keeping my fingers nimble and my feet warm, it gives me something to do when the computer is rendering or YouTube is processing.
pennywill Wrote:computer is rendering or YouTube is processing.

Ah, do you shoot or make videos?
Yes I make lots of videos. I'm trying to do one a day. Mostly they are what I call "videosheetmusic" kind of like Karoke but for flute or other treble clef non transposing instruments. I had a couple hundred on YouTube and over 3 million views, then it all got scrapped for copyright infringement. It's pretty much impossible to fight YouTube on that, even though they are clearly in the 'fair use' catagory of music. Heck, they are for kids to learn a wide variety of music and have some fun. Anyway, I put them back I'll just wait to be taken down again.
I also do a lot of me playing to give the kids and idea of how the song goes and then I make animations for kids music I write and also just odd videos that I had an urge to make.
It's really fun.
3 million views. Very good, you can make money from those kind of views. Reading what you put, is making me think that you are blog material. You could write a blog on MD, to keep us all informed. If you fancy it, that is.

I hope that youtube will be a little more lenient, considering it is for education. It is difficult as youtube these days have to answer to governments and record companies and those are the people they want to keep happy first.
Yes, I was pretty angry at YouTube, but I understand they have a tough balancing act with MPAA and RIAA, so I've gentled a lot.
Eeek...I didn't mean to hijack this thread.
I also like sewing and made a huge projection screen out of plumbing pipes and then sewed a screen out of table cloths. It's cool, it's about 6X8 and can be projected from the rear. I'm going to use it in gigs sometime.
My other hobby is drawing, mostly in pencil.
Sadly, I'm not a sportsy kinda gal, though I like swimming (in a pool, I have a dread fear of fish).
grandkids, reading, gardening


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