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Hey everyone! Cole here, 37M =)
Heya! My name is Cole and I am 37 and have spent most of the free time in my entire life listening to music trying to find what I think are the best songs and albums of all time from every genre going back to the 1950s. As of 11/19/2023 I have checked out almost 72,000 albums. For reference I LOVE strong hooks and melodies most of all, so that's mostly what I'm listening for. There are currently almost 900 recommended albums on my website The Music Hole ( that I think are good front-to-back.

All that said haha I'd like to offer you folks some more focused ways to browse some of my suggestions! The first are three playlists I made recently, one for the 80s, the 90s, and Post-2000. Each one has 50 of my FAVORITE more lesser known rock songs/singles.




If you prefer albums I think a fun place for you to start is on a new page I created called “The Best Debut Albums of All Time”. There are currently 279 albums on there. I think it would be a fun theme to work with... checking out great debut albums, albums that I personally think are good front to back from throughout music history and various genres:

Excited to read some of the posts on here and I hope you like some of my suggestions! Big Grin

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