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[Image: Schitt%27s_Creek_logo.png]

lighthearted comedy series. six seasons in total, halfway through season two now.

the Wiki:

its not a 'gotta watch at all costs' series but its a harmless, don't have to use your brain simplistic show.
couldn't last through that one

[Image: 220px-AmityvilleAwakeningPoster.jpg]

the tenth and, so far, the final instalment of the franchise.
to be honest ive only seen the first two and now this one.
first one was good, I shouldn't have returned.

the Wiki:

can I give a minus score???

awesome series of docos dealing with shipwrecks/Bermuda triangle etc etc...
todays episode was about MH-370.
interesting episode but like most mysteries it raises more questions than answers.

the Wiki:  

[i]Drain The Oceans[/i] is an Australian and British documentary television series that premiered on 28 May 2018 on National Geographic.[1][2] The 25-part factual series is hosted by Craig Sechler, and explores shipwrecks, treasure and sunken cities using underwater scanning system, scientific data, and art digital recreations. Andrew Ogilvie from Electric Pictures and Crispin Sadler from Mallinson Sadler Productions produced the series for National Geographic.[3] [i]Drain The Oceans[/i] was preceded by similar National Geographic productions: [i]Drain the Great Lakes[/i][b], [/b][i]Drain the Titanic[/i] and [i]Drain the Bermuda Triangle[/i][b].[/b][url=][/url]
a doco on the Nazi scientists who ended up in the US after WWII.
delves into the "foo fighters", the mythical "Nazi bell" and then goes on to detail the various war crimes that those scientists should have been prosecuted for (and not just those ones, some went to UK/USSR also).

interesting historical content.
"counting tigers" on Nat Geo:

doco based in India and the efforts of scientists/game wardens to keep count of numbers and their never ending struggle to stop poaching.
a couple of really sad scenes that I don't need to get into, but youll know what im alluding to.
those guys who try to save tigers (and other endangered species) need to get more recognition for their dangerous endeavours!

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