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DAVID BROZA ~ en Casa Limón

[Image: 916hg04xwPL._AC_UL320_SR320,320_.jpg]
I’m totally cribbing here, sorry to be so lazy – this site says it all and better than I could … all credit to them -

“Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza has had a strong connection with Spain. He grew up in England and Spain, released several albums in Spanish and has incorporated flamenco and other Spanish music influences in his music. Although he is known as a singer, he is also a talented guitarist and decided to release an instrumental guitar album called “en Casa Limón.”  The title refers to Javier Limón’s famous studio in Madrid, where flamenco and pop stars have recorded critically acclaimed albums.

Before recording a guitar album, Broza had to make some changes. “After 43 years as a singer-songwriter, composing music without lyrics was a challenging task,” revealed Broza. “I had to perfect my playing to become a guitarist by trade. It took a while, almost 3 years.”

The album is dedicated to the memory of the great guitar luthiers Manuel Contreras and his son Pablo M. Contreras II who made some of the finest guitars in the world in their downtown Madrid workshop.

Javier Limón produced the album and describes the experience:
“David Broza is one of the few artists with whom I would embark on any adventure with my eyes closed. The result is the most beautiful and profound journey to the roots of the most popular and beloved instrument on the planet, the Spanish guitar.”

PS - I like it ... very accomplished artist. The opener ... 

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