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is it just me or....
is it just me getting old?
im getting to a stage where i feel its all too much to look for good music amongst all the crap out there.

no, i guess it cant be age because i think i went through this stage back around 1987-1995 where i simply couldnt be bothered with the state of music anymore and i only bought albums by artists i knew and trusted.
it took Alanis Morrissette's "jagged little pill" and Oasis' "morning glory" to get me wanting to listen to new music again, and they were followed by a new style of rap by Eminem, different metal by Limp Bizkit, a metal/rap hybrid with Linkin Park, alt rock/pop with Killers and a few other bands from the UK mainly.

i just feel like music has stagnated again (or is it simply the lack of new music due to Covid-19?).
i just want something with a slightly different sound to spark my interest again, i just dont hear it and i really cant be bothered starting to listen to ten, sometimes fifteen albums before i find one i want to listen to...

im just so over the current state of the music and the industry in general...AWAITING THE NEXT INTERESTING THING!!!!!
ive decided im going to take more time in seeking out artists ive either overlooked previously or never had the time to explore fully.

first two artists ive decided to look into further are Grateful Dead and Shawn Phillips.

any recommendations on where to start with these artists???

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