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On which occasion to sing rediscovered Ave Maria by Offenbach?
Hello dear singers,

via I came across a very nice Ave Maria by Jacques Offenbach.  I can well imagine singing this song at a wedding.  However my questions:

1) Is the piece a bit too long for a wedding?  What do you think?

2) So far I have only found recordings of soprano and mezzo. Does anyone have any experience of how it works for a male voice?

3) For what other occasions could you sing the piece?

I am curious to read your answers,

warm greetings

1) Weddings are a 'personal' experience for the Bride and Groom, moreso the Bride in most cases. if she says play it, you play it regardless!

2) im no fan of Classical or Opera so 'no comment'

3) again, not familiar with it.

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