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Electronic Drums

So I consider myself to be totally new to the electronic music world. So if there is an angel who explains everything clearly I'd really appreciate. 

I am interested in purchasing an electronic drums. The Roland TD-17KVX or the TD-27 but I have a couple questions regarding the input connections (because other than a few minor differences, the main difference seems to be in the module). Id also like to use my drums for live performances and concerts apart from home use. Also feel free to add any other relevant info. 

1. MIDI Out refers to the connection you use to connect the drums to the computer to record, the MIDI interface or the PA system (DI Box before) and in the newer modules you can use the USB. Am I right? 
2. What are Digital Triggers used for and how will they help an electronic drums if the sound module already has the sounds stored on it? 
3. What is the difference between a Master Output and a Direct Output?
4. The MIDI In refers to a connection between additional pads. Am I right? And these additional pads include extra sounds such as an additional tom or crash or cowbell. Am I right?

thank you so so much in advance. 


Jerome is the man with knowledge of such things
im sure he will give you his thoughts when next online
(05-05-2020, 21:31)CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: Mecc

Jerome is the man with knowledge of such things
im sure he will give you his thoughts when next online

Thanks so much. If Jerome has a moment, id really appreciate his input.
You will find all the answers to your questions on the www. All you have to do is look. And in the process you will learn much more.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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