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R.I.P Brian Dennehy
[Image: 220px-BrianDennehyJul2009.jpg]

one of my favourite actors, Brian Dennehy died overnight aged 81.
he died of natural causes.

he had an imposing physical stature with a height of 6'4" (1.95m) and fame weight of 120Kg (264lb) yet was softly spoken.

the article:

my favourite movies of his:

Rambo: First Blood
Presumed Innocent
Blue Heat

he also starred/appeared in a number of TV Movies, many based on true events,the most notable of these were his portrayal of Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy in "to catch a killer", in which he eerily resembles Gacy very close.

his Wiki:

R.I.P Brian Dennehy for the many hours of entertainment you bought this man during the 1980s.

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