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NEW ALBUM: Seth Lakeman "a pilgrim's tale"
[Image: A1ltGyxcDdL._AC_UY218_ML3_.jpg]

Spotify listen:

I have limited knowledge of this dude
only ever heard his previous album (a well worn path) which I purchased.
and I know Ruby has mentioned the dude on several occasions on MD.

UK folkie.
his instruments of choice are violin, viola and banjo, so you get the idea...

a concept album
all about the voyage of The Mayflower (which incidently happened 400 years ago).
tracks are intended to give a history lesson into the trip, the trials and tribulations of the crew
and passengers, the eventual meeting between the natives and the British.
Seth travelled to meet descendants of the original Native tribes to hear their stories as passed down
from generation to generation to get their side of what happened.
the result is a classy history lesson and traditional folk album.
as a footnote, there are two versions of the album, the one with the songs and a second version featuring
pre-song and post-song narration by British actor Paul McGann.
I listened to both versions, personally I preferred the one with narrative, but that's me.
I wouldn't say this album is a masterpiece but it is something that I could see Ian Anderson being able
to pull off in much the same way.
it is on my 'to purchase' list.

also, I don't really want to post a link to a solitary track because being a concept album it flows as a story
that would be like me reading one chapter of a novel and thinking im getting the whole narrative from that!
but anyway here is one track:

only track available with a clip (Hmmm, interesting to see a violin being played like a guitar??)

^You got there before me! Lol! Made that same comment about the violin strumming in the New and Notable thread.  Big Grin

Paul McGann - the 'I' in Withnail and I. Used to love that movie - haven't seen it in many a moon! I like the narrated version of A Pilgrim's Tale as well. 

This album seems a little more complex (in terms of layers, I mean) in comparison to those I have heard previously, which admittedly is only three. He's  great - this stuff is obviously in his DNA and he always delivers the goods as far as I can tell. 

Funny you should mention Ian Anderson who is a staunch admirer of Lakeman and his music. Kudos indeed from a notoriously critical individual. Must listen to Freedom Fields which IA is particularly admiring of. He's also toured with Robert Plant who is equally picky about his entourage.
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson

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