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NEW ALBUM: Magnum - The Serpent Rings
MAGNUM ~ The Serpent Rings

[Image: 220px-Magnum_-_The_Serpent_Rings.png]

This longstanding British band doesn’t get much attention here, apart from a couple of BOTD mentions. I’m amazed at the seemingly undiminished power of both voices – these are not spring chickens! Not that I’m a particular fan of the band – never really got my attention for some reason. Hard rock, more than progressive, but with some progressive leanings is how I’d peg them. Lots of anthemic AOR stuff and a riff reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s "Kashmir" as the opener – or is that just my imagination?!

Nothing wrong with this music - a lot right IMHO. It’s well produced and put together, screaming guitars n all – these guys definitely know their way around a fairly impressive rig. Quite nice to hear some straightforward unadulterated rock for a change – great gung-ho vibe – not pretending to be anything but who they are and always have been, whether that is popular or the polar opposite, and there are actually some surprisingly catchy tracks! They have a recently appointed bassist in Dennis Ward and the line-up has morphed over the years, but the original two leads remain – they are Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin with the other relative newbies being Rick Benton, keys and Lee Morris on drums.

Said it before and will say it again – they stick to their formula and do what they do very well. They have some social commentary content in their songs, not overbearingly so, and there is no doubt at all about their musicianship – most impressive all round I’d say. And straight-ahead rock does not mean devoid of nuance – there is that too. I am unlikely to purchase the album, there are other more desirable (to me) items on my wishlist which would take priority, but if you’re in the mood for a high energy foot stomp and perhaps some air drumming – have a listen. Oh, and crank up the volume! 

Full album -

That opener "Where Are You Eden" …. 

"The Last One on Earth" ...

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
I listened to "where are you eden", heard echoes of Kashmir, also Van Halen's "jump" when the keys kicked in at the beginning.

it didn't do much for me, preferred "the last one on earth" track but still, not enough to want to hear the whole album.

ive never heard the band before but knew the name from somewhere in the cobwebs, then I Wiki'd the band, realised I must have heard of them because one member left in the early 1970s to join Roy Wood's Wizard.

I wont go any further with this band but as usual thanks for the effort Ruby
I love this movement of epic fantasy stories told through rock. Like Rush, Dragon Force and Zeppelin.

Thanks for the recommendation!

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