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NEW ALBUM: The Flower Kings ~ Waiting for Miracles
THE FLOWER KINGS ~ Waiting For Miracles

 [Image: R-14408681-1575480070-5240.png.jpg]
This is a double album and that’s the first thing – it’s too long. They’re all accomplished musos but it goes on somewhat and I found it a confusing listen – disjointed – flow is not great and I think it could have been had they been more selective in their track listing. I’m also not getting on very well with politically informed music at this stage (whether left, right, or balancing precariously on the fence) so didn’t like “Miracles for America”. Why is everyone suddenly so pointedly earnest and preachy?? Sign of the times! Yes - there have always been protest songs and music has always provided a voice for various causes which I haven't minded, quite the contrary, just finding this newest trend of commentary most annoying for some reason. Maybe it's because of information overload - I dunno.  

The intro, IMHO, is the best part of the whole album – absolutely lovely – so promising. Alas, that promise was not fulfilled. There are some very 70’s sounding moments which I liked (vintage synths most probably), but as a whole, I think the release is overwrought and it just doesn't make for compelling listening. Checking back on the BOTD thread as it was Roine Stolt’s birthday not too long ago – seems my impressions haven’t changed much - I have never got around to listening to The Flower Kings despite knowing of them, so thought it might be a good time to rectify that particular oversight! Have to say – it’s difficult to get through 31 solid minutes of proggy busyness – or maybe I’m just not in the headspace. By the time it gets to two thirds of the way through a track that length, I can’t remember how it started and have difficulty tying it all together again, lol!

The Flower Kings are obviously not for me which is disappointing - had thought they might be …

That opener -

And I didn't mind this one either. (In fairness there is some good stuff on here, just need to sift to find it ...  Blush )

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
I agree with the overtly political comments Ruby
seems all of a sudden everyone has an opinion and thinks they can write political songs
good or bad, right or wrong, I guess Trump(and lets face it, he is the one most comment is aimed at) has sparked an interest in the subject in even the most placid non-interested persons one way or another.

also 'double albums':
very few manage to hold the attention of listeners over the years.
I still read comments about Beatles "white album" on should it have been a single album?, what songs would have been dumped?,
etc etc.
some double albums worth their weight are "the wall", "lyre of Orpheus/abattoir blues", "ghosteen", "all things must pass (ok, its 3 albums)
"physical graffiti", "London calling", "blonde on blonde" and "Quadrophenia" to name a few....

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