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NEW ALBUM: Djabe & Steve Hackett - Back To Sardinia
DJABE & STEVE HACKETT ~ Back To Sardinia

 [Image: R-14491508-1575633957-8732.jpeg.jpg]
Soooo – it turns out that when Mr Hackett isn’t working on his solo stuff or revisiting Genesis, he’s playing with Hungarian fusion (sort of) outfit, Djabe, and very nicely he plays too, as do they. From what I can gather, he’s been associated with them for ten years now – I have been shockingly oblivious! 

Not terribly highbrow jazz/rock with plenty of African influences – a melting pot of the aforementioned genres as well as classical and ‘world’ music which is why I'm putting it in this department. The production is great and the whole feel is quite chilled out – suppose it’s a bit noodly here and there, meandering … I don’t mind – it’s pleasant enough listening – will need to be heard a few times to become familiar. 

The sense is that they’re doing this because they genuinely love it – sure, everyone wants to be acknowledged in some way or what the hell is the point, but what I mean is that there’s no pandering to anyone or anything here. Something quite unique about their sound and style, to me, at any rate – then again, I’ve missed them altogether up to now, so who am I to say?? There could be (and probably are) many wonderful ‘Djabes’ scattered around the planet that have yet to be ‘discovered’ by yours truly. Lol! Speaking of which, the word djabe is of Ghanaian origin and it means freedom. Quite how it ended up describing a Hungarian band would be good to know!

The release is a follow on from their 2017 album Life Is a Journey (The Sardinia Tapes), so named because it was recorded on the island, as was this latest one. Aside from Hackett’s guitar and some good strong bass and synth sounds, my ears homed in on the flugelhorn, of all things! All instrumental with a bit of vocalese now and then. 

Sadly, there’s one lonely clip on YouTube so far … I’d have chosen “Lonely Cactus”, “Walking Around”, “Flying Kites” and “Dancing in a Jar”. 

As it is – this is the title track … Hackett gets going at around 3.43 …

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
I listened but it didn't gel with me for some reason
loved the photograph cover art. (lightening and/or the ocean will always sucker me in!)

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