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NEW ALBUM: Neil Young & Crazy Horse "Colorado"
[Image: 220px-Neil_Young_Colorado.jpg]

Spotify listen:

prolific singer songwriter
40 albums under his own name
4 soundtracks
3 with Buffalo Springfield
9 under various CSNY combinations
that's 56 albums in 52 years.and age doesn't slow him down with ten releases since 2010.
of course being prolific does not mean 'quality' and Neil Young's back catalogue is littered
with material that even diehard fans like myself find difficult to digest at times.
I came to the conclusion years ago to expect the worst when listen to new Neil Young albums. that way I cant be disappointed by them.
so on this one, Neil teams up with old cohorts, the grungy dirty garage rock band, Crazy Horse
who have been by his side on and off since 1969.
the tracks:
"think of me" - country tinged and folky complete with harmonica,  a very good opening track ***
"she showed me love" - a 13 minute CH epic about saving the environment, has a blues feel, not bad. **
"olden days" - Neil gets all gushy and sentimental on us,a song about friends long gone and those still around, nice song. **
"help me lose my mind" - aging-slowburn grungy CH guitars,even though he is on his environmental soapbox again this is not bad. **
"green is blue" - piano based song, this eco-ballad goes nowhere for me, I don't like it *
"shut it down" - sounds like something Greta Scumbag would preach, apart from that I love the dirty-grungy angst. **
"milky way" - the first single, another slow-burn, this one is okay **
"eternity" - piano based ditty celebrating his love for 'new' wife Darryl Hannah. I like it **
"rainbow of colours" - second single, was wond'rin' how long it would take for an anti-Trump rant,Neil wants 'open borders' and to 'tear down the wall'. I don't like it *
"I do" - acoustic tune to close the album, a complete 'nothing song', I do not like it *

all up,
im pleasantly surprised, was expecting more grungy guitar laden feedback.
was also expecting more Leftist BS propaganda from the aging Hippy,
but that said, he has sung songs about the environment and how we have to look after Mother Nature for decades
so I guess his preaching is nothing new here.
looking back on his previous releases this decade this is a definite move back in the right direction


favourite track!

typical of the reviews ive read over the last 24hrs:
#2 on the UK Americana charts on debut

#17 on the UK charts on debut (WOW! that's pretty impressive for NY in the UK!)
enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #46

courtesy of Spotify

probably agree with your fav
a couple others passed
better than I expected
except for that 14 minute jam session
truth is I shouldn't have read his bio years ago
just lost all respect
all up he's just a member of some aging long haired hippy band

hahaha thanks mate

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