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NEW MIXTAPE: Beatles "abbey road"
[Image: 220px-Beatles_-_Abbey_Road.jpg]


had never heard of this band other than the fact that one of the incumbents 
snuck his way into the recording studio and was fortunate enough to be on the all time classic
"four five seconds" song with legendary performers Kanye West and Rihanna...
that dude was so fortunate to do that, unfortunately for him he didn't learn a bloody thing from master
producer/writer,singer Mr West...
back to the album:
no beatz, no autotune, no featured artists to help them get by with their bland second-rate vocals...
no skanky ho's on the cover, just an image of four middle aged homeless looking guys crossing a road...WTF is that about ????….
these guys must be real prudes or just weird, where's the "warning: explicit language" notice?...
at least theres one 'gangster' song on there in Maxwell's Silver Hammer, the problem I have with that is although
he is killing people theres no drugs, bitches, ho's or that song sounds believable, right!!...
and the second half of the album is one track that lasts 20 minutes, geez, how long do they think our attention span is for Christ's Sake!
they should have employed a classy writer like Justin Beiber, Nicky Minaj, Ed Sheeran etc to show them how to write, afterall,
anyone would have been better than this incomplete mixtape of utter garbage...
closest thing they come to a decent rap tune is "come together" but WTF is that one all about, again, I want bitches, ho's, niggaz
but then again he does want us to all 'come together over me', wish they had a slutty video for that, would have sold a million !!!...
and whats this song about the sun, who cares?, it casts a glare on my phone when im taking selfies, the sun is annoying
and almost certainly nothing to be joyous about!
and don't get me started on their stupid names John, Paul, George and Ringo, what ever happened to using cool names like A$AP, 50 Cent etc...
i'd be surprised if this Band/album is even remembered in six months let alone a year, God help us if they ever get to release
another one, this is abysmal.

cant find a decent song on here so here's the single:
sorry about the stupid video, no semi-clad prostitutes, drugs, guns, bling or wads of cash being thrown around:

sorry guys, just frustrated with the amount of crap new releases I have had the displeasure of trying to
listen to these last couple of days...
Music today is all about dance dance dance !
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
^^Lol! Oh dear CH - hope you feel a bit better after that little tirade. Big Grin
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
all good thank you Ruby....I went back and listened to Abbey Road and my sanity was preserved LOL

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