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tis the season...for Shark Attacks tra la la-la-la...
once again, here we go.

#1 Surfer knocked off board and board bitten

Sharks 1
Surfboard 0
#2  Male, foot bitten off - non fatal

#3 Male, same location, serious leg injuries - non fatal

the article:

pretty sure there was another attack in the last couple of weeks but I cant find it???
I could be repeating myself, but anyway - False Bay has been the hunting ground of great whites for many moons and we’ve had our share of fatalities and injuries, some due to unmitigated human stupidity, some not, but these enormous predators have mysteriously vanished of late. Odd since there’s always been a built-in snack bar for them – Seal Island. There are other sharks around but not whites. We have a project that employs ‘Shark Spotters’ who keep an eye on the more popular beaches from a high vantage point (the coastline is largely hilly, if not mountainous) and who raise the alarm if a shark is spotted – they haven’t reported any sightings of these creatures at all, the entire year.

Speculation is rife – could it be the presence of Port and Starboard (a couple of orcas who have been so named for their floppy dorsal fins and who seem to have a dietary preference for great white’s livers)? Or could it be that fish stocks have been depleted by marauding commercial entities, who are intent on supplying the whole of China (and Australia would you believe?) with various delicacies, mostly those located on and around our ecologically rich yet fragile shores – demersal fishing is now wiping out even the bottom feeders and they too provided a food source for the great whites.

On the upside, since the disappearance of the big fellas, we’ve been seeing many, many whales cavorting all over the place which is lovely (except when they get stuck in octopus traps which is a total nightmare – too horrible for words). Worrying when apex predators go missing though – calls to mind the amazing story of the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park. Guess the scientists will enlighten us as to what’s really going on soon enough ... plenty of shark experts around here!

Speaking of which, the primarily tourist attraction of shark cage diving is taking a bit of a knock now that the main attraction has up and left. I have mixed feelings about tourism in general - it’s paradoxical – people are attracted to places because of the environment, sights, etc., and yes it creates jobs and boosts local economies, yet the very act of going to see those things, moving into the area and ultimately ‘developing’ it alters a place beyond recognition. I dunno …
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
thought I should update this thread:

#4  Sept 29: 45yo male, leg injuries, non fatal

the article:

#5  Oct 18: 17yo male attacked whilst surfing, damage to board


 #6  Nov 30: 38yo male hand/foot injuries, non fatal  


#7  Dec 7: 57yo male, arm injuries, non fatal

the article:
#8  December 9th: 57yo male non fatal
#9  December 17th:  partial remains still in wetsuit wash up on beach
#10  Male, 30s, non fatal

the article:
#11 Male,  fatal (other details sketchy at this time)

update: Male, 57, attacked whilst skindiving off a small island near Esperence (south coast WA)
wasn't believed to be spear fishing, just diving
his family and friends witnessed the attack from their boat
#12: Male, aged 21, Fatal:
swept off rocks last week, believed to have been attacked whilst still alive
same area as victim #11

the article:
#13:  60 year old male, non fatal

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