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NEW ALBUM: Avett Brothers "closer than together"
[Image: 51vRv5CapcL._AC_UY218_ML3_.jpg]

Spotify listen:

one of my favourite Americana/alt-folk bands...
had initially written a track by track post but edited it prior to posting..
half the song here a typical Avett songs, lovely songs, the rest...
political/ sarcastic social commentary on you guessed it, Trump...
theyre also blaming Tobacco and Cotton farms and 'the south' for every problem 
in the U.S on "we americans"....
sorry but with all my 'eye rolling' I got really dizzy...
these guys have just about lost me now, stick to the songs guys, stay off the political BS...
I will not be buying this album!


just dammit

yeah, sorry dude,
just so sick of all these political experts in the music industry in the US at the moment, its so annoying,
enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #28

courtesy of Spotify

I must have missed any Trump references
but yeah, it's no I And Love And You
a downhill band for me after that

single live

their follow up to "I and love and you" called "the carpenter" was their pinnacle for me
but yes
I'll go with the downhill slide, just one album after yours

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