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NEW ALBUM: Taylor Swift "lover"
[Image: 220px-Taylor_Swift_-_Lover.png]

Spotify listen:

Taylor's seventh studio set and the seventh of hers I own...
been a fan since day one...
I was expecting her to go the route of 'featuring artists' like most other singers
out there at the moment, thankfully, theres only two on here, one with Dixie Chicks, the other
with Panic! At The Disco...
an extension of the pop sounds she's been leaning towards over the last half of her career...
a good album but not exceptionally brilliant, three or four tracks I love, a couple im not
sure about, but mostly passable...
and I cant help but think to myself as I listen to these modern artists that as much as I like some of them
there is still a huge gap between all of them and The Beatle in terms of quality of song writing and great
leaps forward (or lack of)...

my favourite track:

okay, so I took another listen:

album is a step backwards for me...
hearing Lorde's influence over half the tracks...
sort of like "speak now" but not as good...
eighteen tracks, probably could have been whittled back to thirteen or fourteen...
compared to her previous material this is pretty average but compared to what is currently around
by female singers this is pretty darn good (Catch22)…
four songs I love on here are:

"ME!" video

"you should calm down" video

"the archer" audio

"I forgot that you existed" audio
no surprises with this one: #1 on debut in the UK, Australia and at least ten other countries at this stage
enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #1

courtesy of Spotify

the industry hasn't ruined her yet for me
nothing bad on this one

fav and a great live performance


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