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NEW ALBUM: Jesca Hoop "stonechild"
[Image: 81O4IXQ1mxL._AC_UL436_.jpg]

Spotify listen:

from Santa Rosa, Cali....
fifth album, but my first listen....
its simple yet complex...
its stark and sparse yet as a contradiction, in your face at the same time...
im hearing Lorde and Sia's quirky melodies...
Enya's layered harmonies...
Kate Bush's vocal tones and even a hint of Joan Baez in a couple of the acoustic tunes...
I guess possibly even saying she is a female Father John Misty wouldn't be too far off the mark neither...
its on the to purchase list!

please listen to this album, would love to read your thoughts on it (however different to mine LOL)

from the album:

the latest single:    video

my favourite and lead off single:

^Hmmm – interesting. Funny you should mention Father John Misty because for a ‘sounds like’, I’d choose Suzanne Vega x Fleet Foxes. ? Similar narrative style to the former and some of the luminosity of the latter – experimental alt/folk??

There’s quite a bit of sung prose, which I’m not entirely sold on (generally speaking), with a few exceptions, but it’s nice to hear something completely different to most new releases especially as I’m struggling to find anything to listen to this week – so thanks for the push!

I like this, largely – you get the sense that it’s an album of well-considered and prepared material – pretty heavy subject matter all the way through and that’s fine, someone must say these things, just not sure how many times I’ll want to listen to them! Half an hour would have been enough for my presently rather limited attention span – started glazing over a bit after that. Lol!

That mask reminds of the mummified Inca ice maiden – I'm sure there are more than one, but the famous one.

I'd have chosen the same track as you CH.
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
thanks for the reminder of the Inca Ice Maiden...
I knew there was something that the cover reminded me of (apart from Gabriel's "melt" album)…

also, glad I could give you something different to listen to. Smile

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