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NEW ALBUM: Jamestown Revival - San Isabel

[Image: 71dw6nJKmVL._SS500_.jpg]

Direct, honest delivery from this youngish Texan duo – they are Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay and this is their third album.  They sing bluegrass tinged Americana/folk/folk rock in very pleasant harmony and together with additional personnel, competently wield any number of genre appropriate stringed things (banjos, fiddles, cello, etc.). It won’t set the world on fire in terms of being anything ‘new’ but they have nevertheless cooked up a most palatable offering indeed. They’re not pretending to be any other than what they are – a couple of guys with a penchant for Westerns, an appreciation of country music and the resultant melodies which are infused with all that history - oh, and feeling. Amazing what a difference that makes!  

Not really anything like John Denver, but for some reason, leaves a similar impression – maybe the sing-a-long quality? Everley Brothers too. And it might sound crazy, but one gets a sense of respect; these are well executed, beautifully measured, unhurried, interesting sounds. A happy fusion of tried and trusted tenets and updated production. I liked the album a lot – they have that all important luminosity, IMHO.
The album was recorded in San Isabel, Buena Vista, Colorado – hence the title. This appears underneath a pic of the album cover on their site – “Round Prairie Road is a song about a piece of land out in the country that has been in Jonathan’s family since the 70's.  It’s the place where we conceived the idea to start Jamestown Revival and where we wrote our first song for the band.  As we spent the next 10 years of our life touring, a lot of things have changed with the land.  Oil companies came to exploit their mineral rights, fences went up, and it felt like too many people had a key to the lock on that gate.  It was our sacred little piece of paradise, but there was not a way to keep it unchanged - no matter how much we loved that place.” ...
“Round Prairie Road” -

They cover “California Dreamin’” -

And this is one that stood out for me – "Who Hung The Moon" ... 

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
I listened to Who Hung The Moon...had a Lumineers' feel to it, loved it, will get back to your other linked tracks tomorrow,
off to bed now, been a long hard week at work!
I bought it as son as it came out, really like what they do, and couldn't agree more with Ruby's review/comments
Round Prairie Road was brilliant...

California Dreamin', sorry but that song belongs to Mama's & The Papa's

that said, your three tracks have pricked my interest to listen to the whole album, will get back to this one shortly...

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