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NEW ALBUM: John Paul White - The Hurting Kind
JOHN PAUL WHITE - The Hurting Kind

[Image: image.jpg?c=_QP7ComX1hvYlePSCneL-T6KsMtt..._CLs0=&f=5]

Pleasantly surprised to check out the new releases this morning and find John Paul White among them. Yay! I liked the erstwhile Civil Wars singer’s previous solo album, Beulah which gets the folk noir tag.  He’s exploring a different sound on this one – nothing noir about it – it’s all quite clear and open and he’s singing his heart out - a combination of Americana/folk/country leaning heavily on the country side, I suppose, with a singer/songwriter feel despite the array of supporting musicians. 

He has that elusive quality that makes an artist memorable IMHO, and being elusive, it’s undefinable. The French say it best - je ne sais quoi.

I get the feeling that he’s chucked out any reservations that may have arisen in terms of the opinions of others, and what might be popular or not, and got on with creating something from his heart – no appeasing of the masses. An accomplished songwriter and musician, I suspect he’s been hobnobbing with the quiet royalty of Nashville and not being at all well versed in country, I don’t really know what makes it authentic or not, but I’m curious to see what MH and CH (and JOSH) make of this album.

I like about half the material and the rest I can leave which does nothing to diminish my general regard for the artist. One certainly can’t fault the execution of his projects, which in this instance happens to be an unabashed indulgence in torch songs, slightly yodelly lilt ‘n all. Title's a dead giveaway now that I think of it! 

He co-wrote this one with Whisperin’ Bill Anderson - “I Wish I Could Write You a Song” …

“Heart Like a Kite” -

The opener … 

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
im a fan of The Civil Wars but don't own anything, I guess there were always other albums to buy at the time....

its not very often I listen to an album for the first time and love just about every track but this is one of those albums...
every song sounds like a long lost friend returning home...
its beautiful, almost angelic (his voice)….
the songs are a pleasant mix of Americana and country...
unfortunately, I couldn't find links for the two songs I wanted to add to Ruby's three but it doesn't matter,
her picks were/are as good as any I was going to post...
superbly crafted songs,
dare I say it, I think Jerome would be suitably impressed with the quality of this one.

its on the 'to purchase' list!

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