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I don't believe we have delved into the iconic music of Donovan (Leitch). One of the most commercially successful pop folk artists. He was a close friend of The Beatles and taught John Lennon finger picking guitar. His 1973 album Essence To Essence is a masterful work of acoustic beauty that transcends the listener to another plateau.

Here is a cut from this remarkable album.

Plain simple beautiful music !

 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
Loved his music...he was great serenade of women,...Jenifer Juniper was a ode to Patti Boyd's sister ( Mrs G Harrison and Mrs E Clapton) the Juniper came from the boutique in London in which she worked......
Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

It's a mixed up sensation this being alive
Oh! it wears a man down into the ground
It's the strangest elation
I can't describe it
Oh it leaves a man weary
It makes a man frown.
.............................Chris Simpson ( "Mixed Up Sensations" 1975 Martin's Cafe )

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