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What makes singing voices attractive?
I’m interested in what makes singing voices sound attractive. Research with the St Thomas Choir of Leipzig (conducted by JS Bach a few centuries back) found subtle brightening in boys' voices when girls were in the audience. You can read about it here, if it is of interest:

I’m curious whether people can tell the difference, so I’ve put together an online survey:

I'll post the overall results is anyone is interested.
There appears to be an underlying presumption there’s some form of universally attractive quality in some kinds of human voice.
If that were indeed the case I’d be in love with Maria Callas’ performances which sadly I experience as being sung with a mouth full of custard.
Many find Peter Peers voice attractive but to my ears it’s simply dry and irritating compared to someone like Dietrich Fischer Dieskau.

As to the survey above it has one glaring fault in it’s formatting. No option is provided for “I can’t hear any difference” nor is any means included to test the accuracy of listeners hearing.
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