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ive never really had much time or interest in Reggae but lately my muse is heading towards it for some reason that I cannot explain...

however, my knowledge of the genre is very limited, although I am aware of numerous reggae artists or artists that have evolved from or alongside the genre I wouldn't really know where to start...

I own Marley's "legend" compilation on vinyl and cd...

I own some Desmond Dekker, but he is probably closer to Ska than Reggae...
also, UB40s debut album was/is classic reggae IMO...

Eddy Grant and Shaggy are artist who border Reggae that I like also...

anyway, recommendations of artists and or albums which come under the Reggae umbrella as a starting point would be appreciated

thanks in advance!
I grew up with reggae. It was very big is SA at the time. Marley is the man. My favourite reggae track of all time -

Saw his son Ziggy in Amsterdam many moons ago. Fantastic live experience. Even if you did not smoke a joint you got stoned because the whole place was just rocking and roiling. One of those once in a lifetime experiences. Marley brought the music of the people to the world. He was also a very humble man. There is an underlying philosophy to all his music. I recommend trying his 'Uprising' album. Not a bad track on it. And for something reggae related but not 'purist' try UB40's 'Signing Off. Here's one of my faves from that album. -

The whole album - worth a listen -
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I like Groundation

^^Don't know very many reggae artists but I would give Peter Tosh (ex Wailers) a listen too - Legalize It is a classic -

Marley was reggae royalty, no doubt about it - I like his Kaya album which has my second favourite "Misty Morning" on it - fav is "Natural Mystic". His youngest son Damian, has that same sort of seerlike quality, but I think he errs more on the side of new school reggae - he's done some coolish stuff IMO - Welcome to Jamrock springs to mind. His latest offerings are less reggae oriented - proper reggae, that is - like this - "Speak Life" ....

And then there's Eek-A-Mouse - can't remember an album (too far back in the recesses) - you'll have to check him out but here's a track that's pretty typical ...

Another very popular reggae artist from SA was Lucky Dube - no longer with us - the victim of a random carjacking. I've heard odd tracks here and there but never listened to a full album -
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thanks for the various directions to pursue peeps,
ive taken all opinions on board and will attempt to find some at my local outlet tomorrow and we'll see what pans out.
my local cd store is quite large but I was surprised with the lack of Reggae material in it...

they had a dozen copies of Marley's "legend" album which I own...
a Ziggy album, a Jimmy Cliff compilation (that didn't contain 'many rivers to cross') and Tosh album...

I ended up buying the Peter Tosh album, his debut solo album "legalize it"

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