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Happy New Year Everyone!!
Phew! At the end of a year of changes and challenges, thanks to the continued support of our contributing members, and those who pop in now and then, we are still afloat. Woohoo!! Thank you ALL so much!

Wishing MD’ers eveywhere good health, great music, happiness, wisdom, prosperity and the fortitude to withstand the inevitable hiccups life serves up from time to time.

In what has become a localised tradition in my part of the world, I will be on the beach later, listening to men in kilts piping down the final setting sun of the year. It’s a lovely way to round things off. 

Goodbye 2017 - bring on 2018!

Couldn’t resist …  Blush

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
well said Ruby....

love that ABBA track also, one of my favourites of theirs....

personally, I don't celebrate the "new year/new years eve"..its just another day to me, the world does not change come the stroke of midnight ie: starvation,war,abuse, etc don't vaporise .

i'll probably be in bed by 9pm as I work tomorrow morning,
i'll also probably get woken up around midnight with party revellers making noise, that will annoy me because I need my beauty sleep!
I'm with CH
in bed at nine
that didn't sound right

in different beds
nine not because I have to work
because that is my normal time
up at 4

carry on you wayward children

LOL, Happy New Year MH, give my best to my surrogate family Stateside mate.
^^Hahaha you guys!
Whatever works for you, of course.

I like seasons and cycles, and the prospect of new beginnings; it seems hopeful to me. Turn! Turn! Turn!
Not big on frenzied parties but I’m not saying no to vintage bubbles either!

Cheers, Prost, Mazeltov, Na Zdorovie and all that jazz …  Big Grin Cool
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
EVERYONE ON MD HAVE A GREAT 2 0 1 8 !!!!!![Image: smile.png]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRMmFus6YdDJ-M0wMPSQ9N...Ge-WnFjut0]
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
All the best to all of you for the New Year - it has been a pleasure to hear all your different opinions and suggestions throughout the year. Have a great time. Roll on MD...........

I was chatting to some old friends in the pub a couple of hours ago and we were discussing movie soundtracks - Tubular Bells came up in discussion - so I am closing out the year with the original TB and opening the new one with TBII.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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