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"Good grief, they're recording again!" department
Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the radio again:

New song from - of all people - Fox. "Pretty Boy."

Does not seem to be on Youtube yet... not that I consider it an awesome classic, I just find it interesting that this band, who seemed to have a very brief time in the sun, and who many people had most likely forgotten about, have returned.

For anyone familiar with their earlier singles like "Only You" and "S-s-s-single Bed", this new song is a lot less bubblegum, but the lead singer's voice is still recognisable. It's not a great song, but it's not too bad.

Some facts about Fox that might surprise you if you didn't already know:

- Although they were/are UK-based, the lead singer, Susan Traynor, who goes under the name of Noosha Fox, is Australian.

- The mastermind behind the group (if that's not too pompous an expression for a pretty lightweight pop group) is Kenny Young.

Kenny who? you ask. It's hardly a household name but he has had quite a long and varied career. His chief claim to fame is having written the Drifters' hit "Under the Boardwalk." During the 1970's he recorded a sci-fi concept album called "Last Stage For Silverworld." (I've heard it; it's fairly ordinary musically.) In the 1980's he was behind an outfit called Gentlemen Without Weapons, who recorded just one album called "Transmissions." I have it; it's a very environmentally conscious album with lots of lyrics about taking care of the planet. Some of the songs are great; others are a little cringeworthy. He is, apparently, a bit of an environmental activist.
I remember the "S-s-s-single Bed" song, hated it back in the day and have no desire to hear it again, will check out the new one though for curiosity's sake.
CRAZY-HORSE Wrote:I remember the "S-s-s-single Bed" song, hated it back in the day and have no desire to hear it again, will check out the new one though for curiosity's sake.

It wasn't a great song, but I think it was chiefly memorable for being one of the first to incorporate "talking guitar" effect, also employed by Peter Frampton on "Do You Feel Like We Do".

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