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Hullo guys (& gals)
Now then, I came on here for help with my failing brain & up to now had some lovely responses. I'm a percussionist in Norfolk Uk & pleased to acquaint you all. My favourite colours are blue & orange, & I like most music as long as it doesn't make my ears bleed (not with bass or thrash metal but the music that's on the radio at the minute that's going to end up on my lawn)!. I like cuddles & crack. My favorites quote is "No turn text unstoned" Annon. X :blah:
Hi mate, I couldnt think what that track would be but will give King Crimson's back catalog a listen just in case. And please dont say crack, cos i love crack.
Hello fella, I promise to not say that word ever again. I only said it for the craic. I really got on it this weekend & I think I've found who produced the remix. A pair of phycology doctors from Montpellier who called themselves Rinocerose. They've had alot of what they produced at that time removed from all free listening outlets now because of copywriting issues on their first two albums. What there is to buy has had all the samples removed thus all the fun gone to. I lived in Montpellier at the time they were there & they produced electro-rock so either it's a huge coincidence or it's not them who created it. The sound they still have left though is so very similar to what I'm looking for. So the search is still on.

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