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Does anyone want to help find a tune for me please.
Hi, I'm going to be totally useless & vague so I apologize in advance. I've been looking for a song for years it's really doing my nut in coz it's on the tip of my brain, but just out of reach. It's a prog rock/ soft rock tune & in the chorus it says " getting better all the time. But I could have just completely made that up because it's been nearly 10yrs since I heard it. It has a sort of late 70s feel to it (bit like Boston) with male vocals with a fairly high tone. It was remixed into an electro funk dance tune around 2004ish & was big on the French club scene. This is the mix I want to find again. It's a very uplifting positive song, a real mood lifter. If anyone can help me find it I would super love it.

Many thanks
Getting Better by The Beatles is all I want to know! Welcome to MD hobo !
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
The description sounds EXACTLY like "Getting Better" by the Beatles! But I'm sure the OP is not referring to that, there can't be anyone alive who would not recognise the Fabs, even if they happened to have not heard that particular fabulous number.

It's possible that the song was remixed by someone as a dance number, but I have not heard such a remix. The Wikipedia entry on the song lists a number of cover versions - maybe it's one of those?

Otherwise, if that's not the song you heard, try Googling the lyrics.
Thanks guys but no, it's not them Liverpudlians sadly. It's has a bit more of a subtle funk to the prog rock. The remix was around at the same time as Monroe ' got to get a move on'. I have a complete mental block for the lyrics too, so I do realise I'm asking a bit of the impossible but it's really bugging the pants of me. Thanks for ideas though. Hohum....

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