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Do you know the song?
Hi there.. I am looking for an old song for more than a week but cant find it.. I googled for any possible keywords but still nothing.
What I remember from the clip is that my mom had it on a VHS with a couple of George Michael songs (must be around 87-89'). It was a thin pretty black lady singing, wearing a white top, she had curly hair, it was raining and there were 2 black man dancing in a puddle of water...
Does it ring a bell?
Could be Janet Jackson. Then again, could be almost anybody.
As I recall Janet weren't that thin. At least not as thin as Whitney Houston. And there were also Sinitta during that period.
What kind of song was it?
Thank you for the reply. .
All I know is that it was a love song 😛 I know I am not helping much 😊
I guess if the chick was thin, that rules out the possibility of it being The Weather Girls.
True, and 'It's raining men' seldom falls under the category 'Love songs' and I don't recall them being active during late 80's (and Bob, I guess you know all this already)
Why not listen to this one, IMO the best female voice ever, and the song your'e looking for might pop up
And admit it - she was damn pretty Smile
ilona, I'll repeat MF5's question: what kind of song was it? A fast funky dance number? A soft slow ballad? You must recall some aspects of it.
Well.. I was only 2 then so.. But it was a ballad for sure

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