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hello everyone
hi everyone, i am a music lover as most of you. i recently listened to train by `younger brother` and really enjoyed it. please listen to that and tell me what you think. its genre is pretty unique. if anyone knows any music in that genre please introduce them to me cause i could not find anything like it.
Welcome to the site Keivan - had a listen to this track - quite like it. Very different & original. Unusual blend of electronica & standard instruments. The main vocal reminds me of the vocalist of Ah-a - listen to the track 'Stay on These Roads'. Music is not the same but the vocal is very similar.

The more I listen to this outfit the more I like them. On the 'to buy' list simply because they are so different. Thx for the 'heads up'. You learn something every day.
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Oh! I see one of the guys from Shpongle is involved in this project - Simon Posford. I only know their Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland - listened to it a while back because of the fabulous cover artwork by Storm Thorgerson. I liked most of it and it seems well produced with a good mix of electronic and instrumental sounds including a Hang. Whether to one’s taste or not, at the very least there is intelligent composition; nice and spacey … also quite ancient now though, in psytrance terms … going way back to 2009! Lol!

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