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New Member
Hey Everyone!

My Names Skip, New to this site. Red hot chili peppers and Rage against the machine all the way.

How we all doing?

Welcome to the site. SteveO and yourself will get along nicely.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
welcome to MD...
im a fan of RHCP as a singles band, never thought much of their albums, too much filler IMO, especially the earlier albums.
Yeah I see where your coming from there, but then again that's the same with most bands don't you think?
Thank you very much Smile
Terminal Fear - UK Wrote:Yeah I see where your coming from there, but then again that's the same with most bands don't you think?
It probably is, and it probably reflects the fact that many people these days only listen to downloaded singles and don't buy albums; their attention span probably can't handle the length of an album.

I have a few downloaded singles that I bought because they were only available as singles. Mostly though I only buy albums, normally a physical CD copy, and only if I enjoy all or most of the album. I find it incredibly frustrating when an album has one or two killer tracks, and the rest is ordinary, or is rubbish.
I think you hit the nail on the head there bob_32 in that people tend to download tracks.

the album, as a whole, is a dying art in the industry IMO (well, apart from the 'seasoned' artists who still try to make them worthwhile for the fans)
Very interesting Theory's there from both of you! I see what you mean. Personally I am fan of collecting albums - I like the art work and the look of a CD - but even some of my favorite artists let them self down with some killer albums, then all of sudden you have a album with a few good tracks and the rest become filler tracks, As in they pushed and rushed these extra tracks so they can release a feature length album instead of quality singles. Very interesting.
I do not buy singles or downloads of single tracks no matter what. It has to be an album or at least an EP. You want to see different sides of the artist not just one popular or good track. Sitting through a whole album is an experience, a journey to be savoured. A single is like quickie sex - it's over before you know it and ultimately unsatisfying even though the end goal is achieved. (Now THERE'S a contradiction in terms - LOL!)
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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