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This forum has been hacked with a redirect hack.
This forum has been hacked with a redirect hack which sends people to various sites.
This happens when you do a Google or other search engine search and click on a link to the music-discussion
and is a known exploit of vBulletin powered boards.
Just Google it: Vbulletin redirecting to filestore72

Hope this is of some help to the admins
at least you didn't include links this time
and why would we want to Google it?
sure hope the hacker doesn't release my posts to WikiLeaks

Members like Jerome and myself are not going to want to Google the site. However some people might who are not yet members. indeed, it was probably by this means that I actually found the site. I do think that what Rolas says is at least worth investigating. If Rolas was involved in some way with the hacking, why would he join up to tell us so?
To test this, I just did a net search which found this site (first in the list) and the link was correct. This may or may not have had something to do with the fact that I do not use Google for searching; I use Duckduckgo.
Been lurking around the forums for some time. I can't post a links, bc I have no restrictions on this forum to do it. Just try to clear cookies, or start private window in your browser and search a query like this "" in google. And your first click will be redirected. I found more info on it here

I love this forum, and hope it helps admins. This forum lost all trafic from search engines.
This hack mostly redirects your google/yahoo/SE traffic to a malware page such as,
It sets a cookie so it will only do it on the first go, clearing your cookies will see it happen again.

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