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Do not get taken by this
Apple is pitching this. Beats headphones at 300USD. They are complete rubbish and do not waste your money on this no matter what. You can pick up a pair of Sennheisers (HD215's) for less than 50 bucks and they will give you a better listening experience. Do not get taken by this Dr Dre/Beats bullshit. It costs them less than 5 dollars to make this and they want you to pay 300 for it? Work out the profit margin for yourself. Pure extortion.

[Image: MP132_FV408?wid=707&hei=647&fmt=png-alph...0451443920] [Image: exclusive-ribbon?wid=95&hei=89&fmt=png-a...&.v=1q2lR3]
Only at Apple

[h=2]Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Ultra Violet Collection[/h] €299.95

Available colours:[Image: MNEN2_SW_COLOR?wid=16&hei=16&fmt=png-alp...1736878725] [Image: MNEP2_SW_COLOR?wid=16&hei=16&fmt=png-alp...1736899441] [Image: MNEQ2_SW_COLOR?wid=16&hei=16&fmt=png-alp...1736927854] [Image: MNER2_SW_COLOR?wid=16&hei=16&fmt=png-alp...1736949531] [Image: MNET2_SW_COLOR?wid=16&hei=16&fmt=png-alp...1736971223] [Image: MP582_SW_COLOR?wid=16&hei=16&fmt=png-alp...1736984022] [Image: MP132_SW_COLOR?wid=16&hei=16&fmt=png-alp...7599444192] [Image: MP162_SW_COLOR?wid=16&hei=16&fmt=png-alp...6917079036]
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Beautiful colour.
looks like mine
highly recommended
I can say that because I didn't pay for them
mine were $200

i agree about the colour o them bob_32, beautiful.

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