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Curious if anyone has the same problem as me!
Hey, im actually a pretty good singer, but my problem is that i cant hear when to start singing to an intrumental or karaoke text without a helping line. Its like i cant feel the music. I know im not tone deaf, since i took a test and i got 97% correct. I guess most people hear the words inside their head, when hearing the intrumental of the song, but that just dosent happend for me;(((

So does anyone else of you have it? And is it a word for it? because i cant seem to find anything of it on the internett.

thank you for your answersSmile)
I am curious about your problem, Although I don't experience it but I would to like help you. Hmm do you experience Last song syndrome to any song you hear in your environment. I got a friend from Metropolitan School of Panama and I'll try to ask her. She's been on that school since we were in college maybe she can help. I am thinking this is a singing tempo issue but since you said you are a pretty good singer, i think its not. I'll let you know if I have contacted her. - Gustavo Woltmann
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