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R.I.P. Mose Allison
These posts are becoming way too regular and I'm really not wanting to wallow in the morbid - just think it’s important not to overlook this legendary musician who too has gone to the great gig in the sky and whose passing is being mourned by many of the older guard. Mose Allison was a very well respected jazz and blues pianist and wrote around 150 songs, many of which have been covered by a range of artists from Dani Klein to Pete Townshend, from Van Morrison to the Pixies and the Clash!

I love this – something his wife of 67 years said she realised about him at their first meeting – “I could tell that he was someone who generated his own joy”. What an amazing thing.

He was a social observer, commentator and critic, extremely well read and well informed, and by all accounts had a great sense of humour, which is borne out in the irony of some of his lyrics. He died of natural causes, at his home on 15 November 2016, at the age of 89. R.I.P. Mose.

A proper obit -

His wry “Benediction” with van Morrison, Georgie Fame and Ben Sidran -

And “Your Mind is on Vacation”, lol! If silence was golden, you couldn’t raise a dime…

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
ive never heard of him but from the sounds of it he was hugely influential and well respected in the industry...RIP Mose,

Bowie, Frey, Russell, Cohen.... ALL in the same year, makes you wonder who's gonna be next and when!
still don't think we've had as many as last year have we?
research that
get on it

I'm in the middle of a terrible album and can't be bothered

found a list of 31 who died last year,
most are forgettable or ones id not heard of
and of the ones I did know I don't think any were as big as this years crop:

heres that list:
good job mate

was only familiar with Mose by name
I do like old jazz
thanks Ruby

Love that 'mind is on vacation track'. Hear that a lot on the radio here. RIP Mose - a rare bird indeed.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Rest peacefully Brother Mose! A distinctive voice and style!
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!

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