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Steroman's Here!
Hello everybody! i'm Steroman, the superhero that no one needs, but everyone deserve!
i'm a young french singer/songwriter, who mainly came to this forum to share my music, and hopefully have some of your feedbacks on it!

i listen to a lot of different things, but my preferences are soul, funk, rock , but i really like all kind of music, from hardcore metal to underground hip hop! i hope to meet a lot of interesting people here!
here s a link to my own songs, if you want to have a look at it! and of course, feel free to tell me what you think of it ! (and if i can help you in any way too!)

i hope posting these links is not would make a terrible start for me^^ if it is, i am sorry, please moderate it Smile

Hope to talk to you soon!!! cya!!!! Big Grin
welcome to MD,
links are okay as long as youre not leading people of to places where they have to purchase anything or self promoting in order to sell your material

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